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Recrutement : Assistant Professor Position (Poste Pourvu)

Starting date 1 September 2021


Remote Sensing-General Geology (35 MCF0418)



A full-time permanent lectureship in remote sensing and general geology is expected to open at the University of Lorraine in 2021. The lecturer will join the teaching team of the National School of Geology (Ecole Nationale supérieure de Géologie, ENSG) and will carry out his/her research at the CRPG research laboratory. The prestigious Nancy School of Geology offers a blended education in applied geosciences and engineering sciences with about 120 Masters graduates per year. The School works closely with industrial and research partners in all domains of geosciences and applied geoscience. The recruited lecturer will join a team of 39 academic staff supported by a strong administration. He/she will conduct his/her research in the CRPG research laboratory, which belongs to the OTELO Earth Sciences Observatory of the University of Lorraine. OTELO represents the second largest pole of research in geoscience in France with more than 450 staff and a research budget of more than 15 million euros.

Teaching The lecturer will be responsible for teaching remote sensing, physical methods in remote sensing, spatial geodesy, image processing and geomatics (advanced undergraduate and Master level). Expertise in teaching general geology in the field and classroom is also essential. Involvement in the teaching of one or more of the following areas is required : structural geology, tectonics, surface processes, magmatism, basin analysis, signal processing, geophysics, numerical methods, statistics, machine learning. The successful candidate must demonstrate the ambition and ability to develop an innovative teaching program in remote sensing applied to geosciences. The person recruited will participate in the collective administrative and management tasks of the ENSG.


Lecturer will conduct his/her research at the Centre for Petrographic and Geochemical Research (CRPG), which is a jointly affiliated to the CNRS-Institute of Universe Sciences (INSU) and to the University of Lorraine. The CRPG focuses on the Deep Earth, and Surfaces and Continental Interfaces divisions of the INSU. Candidates are expected to propose a strong research project focusing on the study of the surface of our planet in the fields of remote sensing applied to the study of surface deformation (tectonics, gravitational, volcanological) and/or surface processes (erosion, sedimentation, glacial flow, subsidence) in connection with the research team "Tectonics, Erosion and Evolution of Relief" . This research can be methodological and/or related to more applied aspects of remote sensing. Methods can also range from spatial geodesy to drone telemetry and altimetry, lidar in particular to monitor deformation of the Earth’s surface and to develop a quantitative understanding of geological or geomorphological objects and processes. In addition, the candidate can develop research activities in relation to the other CRPG research themes, whether in planetary remote sensing (with the "Formation and Evolution of the Solar System and Planets" team) or in remote sensing applied to the environment, including the cryosphere and the atmosphere (with the "Cycles, Atmosphere, Climates" team) or in magmatism/volcanology (with the "Magmas and Deep Fluids" team). Capacity to acquire competitive research funding and to develop effective interdisciplinary collaborations and international partnerships are also required for this position.


• PhD in remote sensing applied in Earth Sciences or related fields. A Masters in a field of Earth Sciences would be an advantage.

• Proven ability to teach and to conduct independent research at an international level

• A strong publication track record in high-ranking journals


• This is a full-time position that will become permanent after a trial period of one year.

• The standard teaching duty of 192 contact hours per year is attached to this post. Teaching is usually in French but can be flexible.

• Starting date, 1 September 2021

Applications and enquiries

The post will be officially confirmed and advertised early in 2021. The application procedure will be published by the University of Lorraine. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to make contact with the persons listed below as soon as possible.

Judith Sausse, Director of the ENSG +33 3 83 59 64 00 – Judith Sausse@uni-lorraine.fr

Mary FORD, Director of the CRPG +33 3 83 59 4878 - mary.ford@univ-lorraine.fr

Jérôme Lavé co-responsable for the research Team TEER at the CRPG +33 383 59 42 43– Jerome.lave@univ-lorraine.fr

Julien Charreau co-responsable for the research Team TEER at the CRPG +33 383 59 42 45– julien.charreau@univ-lorraine.fr

ENSG website : http://ensg.univ-lorraine.fr/ CRPG website : http://www.crpg.cnrs-nancy.fr/

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